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Barun Media Company

BMC was founded in 2019 with a focus on providing high-quality translation services of business media.
Taking on the philosophy and system of Barun Translation, BMC maintains a standard
that meets the translation needs of our clients.

One-line Slogan

It's the translation that matters!

"Barun" Translation

Our History

  • 2019 Barun Media Company established
  • 2018 Collaboration with translators reaches over 200 members
  • 2012 Books in German and French translated into Korean
  • 2011 Books in Chinese translated into Korean
  • 2010 Film Translation course created
  • 2009 Collaboration with translators reaches over 100 members
  • 2007 Glbab Academy established
  • 2006 Translation lab established
  • 2005 Books in English and Japanese translated into Korean
  • 2004 Barun Translation founded