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Why Us?

Barun Media Company recognizes subtitle translators of high quality are sometimes difficult to find. Our clients have expressed their frustrations about settling for low-quality translations in the past due to a lack of a system to discover educated, professional subtitle translators.

BMC is well-informed on the latest Korean subtitling trends and the business of providing adequate subtitles as a product. Our system of testing and feedback ensures our professional subtitle translators are knowledgeable of the trends and formats necessary to provide our clients with accurate and appealing translations.

The development of our academy and education programs has produced more talented and professional translators available for collaboration. We are confident in our ability to provide the attention and detail necessary to satisfy the subtitle translation needs of our clients.

  • 1 A quick and organized project team
  • 2 Quality control and guidance from the research team
  • 3 The best quality in the market with the most professional translators in the industry

We provide the best services to carefully selected translators with our system of schedule management and feedback programs to help them become the best translators in Korea. Also, translators will have access to our own intranet, which will allow them to become part of a community and forge valuable relationships in the translating industry. We strive to make each Barun Translation member feel as a valued part of our community.

With our commitment to charge the lowest fees in the market, we are confident in the satisfaction of our translators, and in turn, our clients.

  • 1 Intranet accounts for freelance translators
  • 2 Annual community events
  • 3 Feedback programs and updated market-related news